Health Insurance for Students (Only Australia and Canada)

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for international students

Australian Student Health Insurance

Australia provides several options for students to receive scholarships and financial aid due to its robust economy and the first-rate healthcare system. The nation boasts of one of the best healthcare systems in the world and is always conscious of the needs and wishes of international students. There is no denying that many overseas students choose Australia as their preferred study destination because of the country’s reliable and economic health care system.

How Visa World Wise Helps

Visa World Wise is a direct partner with many health insurance providers and together we ensure that we help you choose the best plan tha not only meets your needs but is also financially viable. Our Health Insurance Experts help you oragnise your insurance hassle free.

The Types of Australian Healthcare Systems:

The comprehensive services offered by the Australian healthcare system, which range from basic primary care to more intricate specialised treatments, have earned it an international acclaim. The public and private health systems are the two components of the system. You can use one of these two systems—or a combination—to get the medical treatment you need.

Public Health System

In Australia, community-based services, associated health organisations, and public hospitals are only a few of the delivery methods for public healthcare. Australian citizens can use Medicare to get free or discounted access to the public healthcare system. Since its inception in 1984, Australia’s Medicare system has offered universal health coverage. The programme provides access to medical care, community hospitals, and medications.

Private Healthcare System

Privately owned and operated healthcare facilities include pharmacies, specialised medical and allied health clinics, and private hospitals. These services could receive funding from both public and commercial sources.

What is OSHC, and what advantages does it offer?

The Australian government created the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) programme to assist international students in paying for their hospital and medical expenses while studying there. This health insurance is offered for international students who do not have access to Medicare, the Australian Public Health Care system.

Basic OSHC offers access to private hospitals, day surgeries, limited medications, ambulance service, prosthetic devices, and coverage for doctor’s visits, hospital treatments, and limited drugs. Basic OSHC plans usually do not include dental care, vision care, or physical therapy, but some providers may offer these services as part of more extensive coverage.

Having health insurance is advantageous for overseas students in the long run. Hospital and medical costs can be high; managing them can be difficult without insurance. Students will find it more convenient and economical thanks to health insurance coverage without experiencing financial hardship. They will also provide safety and security.

Why Is Health Insurance Necessary?

As an international student, you must have health insurance for your stay in Australia. This complies with visa condition 8501 and ensures that you are protected in the event of any unanticipated medical emergencies. You have a few alternatives to health insurance, so do your homework before choosing.

Make sure the plan you choose is valid for your stay in Australia. You must obtain a new OSHC policy if you are extending your time in Australia to continue your studies and ensure there is no coverage gap between the two policies.

Australia’s cost of health insurance

The cost of OSHC will vary depending on your visa, the number of individuals covered by your insurance, and how long you plan to study in Australia. The Department of Health has authorised the following health funds in Australia to provide OSHC:

  • ahm OSHC
  • Allianz Care Australia 
  • Bupa
  • Medibank 
  • nib

You must compare the different providers before purchasing an OSHC policy to ensure the number of protection suits your requirements. Comparing insurance policies from several providers can help obtain the most acceptable coverage at the most affordable price.

Students ages

You must have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as an overseas student for the duration of your study. Your family members, such as partners and minor children, are also affected by this. The sole exclusions are students from Belgium, Norway, and Sweden.

Extent and Amount of Coverage

A few conditions must be satisfied to obtain a student visa for Australia. One of these is having ongoing short-term health coverage (OSHC) during your visit. You must pay the entire policy premium up front when you acquire OSHC in order to be covered for the duration of your student visa.

Without sufficient health insurance, international students risk their visas being revoked. For your student visa, you must purchase OSHC insurance. If your stay is extended, your coverage must be renewed. Ask about any waiting periods, exclusions, or other restrictions that may apply.

A single-person health insurance policy may cover the international student who is the primary bearer of the student visa. An adult partner, one or more children under the age of 18, an international student, or both are covered under the dual family option. The insurance for the overseas student and many dependents, such as a partner and one or more dependent children, is provided via the multi-family option.

Application Processes for Australian Health Insurance

While pursuing a degree in Australia, there are two ways to obtain OSHC insurance.

In either case, you must keep up constant coverage the entire time you are in Australia. This is crucial for students who are enrolled in two different colleges because each one may buy insurance on their behalf.

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