Here Are 5 Reasons Why Australia Is An Excellent Choice For Studying Abroad

Australia is a beautiful country with lots of natural attractions and great cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra. So while it’s known for its amazing beaches and wild animals like Kangaroos and Koalas, it’s also a modern country with a strong economy and one of the highest standards of living in the world. But there are many other reasons why Australia is an excellent choice for students who are looking to broaden their horizons.

In recent years, it has attracted a growing number of international students who are keen on pursuing their undergraduate and post graduate degrees at any of the top Australian universities. Among the world’s most popular study destinations, Australia is valued for its strong economy, well-developed infrastructure, and solid education system. With a lot of legendary universities and colleges for students with various levels and interests in courses, the country offers an enjoyable environment for foreign students. Below we offer you the following 5 reasons that make Australia an excellent choice for studying abroad:

1. World Class Education System

It is known for having the best education infrastructure in the world. Most universities in other countries have only one major intake in the year, which is September. This means that during the month of March when admission evaluations happen it causes a lot of competition and students settle for universities that are not their first choice. However, this not the case with Australia as they have two major intakes in the year. One in February and the other in July, so you can decide which intake in the year you would like to apply for.

Australia has 42 universities, in which 8 universities are known as the Group of 8. They also fall under the Top 100 Universities in the world. All these universities take into consideration your overall profile of the student not only their grades. They are also known for their quality education and excellent placements.

Australia also gives you the flexibility to choose between IELTS, TOEFL and PTE as your language proficiency test preference to get a good score, whereas other countries do not give this option to choose.

2. Cost Effective

If you think studying in Australia and also managing your living expenses is going to be expensive, then let me tell you the good news, that it is not too expensive!

You can study and get a degree for anywhere between Rs 12 to 40 lakhs per year (approximately) and average living expenses also vary between Rs 8 to 11 lakhs per year (approximately), also depending on your lifestyle. Furthermore, if you decide to study in the regional area of Australia, your living expenses will be further reduced.

Australia is also flexible when it comes to giving students scholarships, usually if you have a good percentage then you should be able to get 20- 30% scholarship depending on the institution and your profile. If you want to know whether you are eligible for a scholarship, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we can help you secure the best university and scholarship option for you.

Another great advantage of studying in Australia is that you can work part- time while still studying, as the course work in most university is divided to give you enough time that you can work in the other half of the week. Earlier students could only work 20 hours per week legally, but after the pandemic government has eased this rule allowing students to work unrestricted hours in the week valid till 30th June 2023.

3. Diverse Culture

As a foreign student it is very important to have the ability to create a home in your new country and this is where culture & diversity would come handy. Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world which is what makes it more flexible and understanding. Due to this diverse culture students will find that classes in Australia usually have a high percentage of foreign students, thus you will get to meet and study with people who come from different cultures of the world.

4. Visa

Australian government used to give 2 years of Post Study Visa after a student finishes their degree in any of the metropolitan cities. However, after the pandemic the government has eased the law to provide students with 3 years of Post- Study Visa and 4 years in Regional Australia. Both Australia and Canada are the only 2 countries that provide such a long duration of visa post studies.

Having post study visa is very beneficial to the students as now they get more time to find a full-time job after their course and with more work experience, they will have a stronger profile to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia. As attaining Permanent Residency in Australia is point- based and depends on your claimed points which can be increased with more work experience, thus making the process easier with more time on your visa. 

Apart from this, due to the pandemic Australia’s International borders were closed for 2 years, which created a labour shortage in the country. Thus students will now be able to get a job easily due to the high demand in the job market.

5. Minimum Wage Per Hour

Australia is one of the few countries that offers minimum wage per hour to everyone who is working in Australia regardless of visa status. And you will be happy to know that Australia’s minimum wage per hour is the highest in the world. 

As per the government law, from 1 July 2022, Australia increased its national minimum wage from $20 to $21.38 per hour or $812.60 per 38 hour week (before tax).

This gives students the advantage to work part- time and be assured to earn fairly as per the minimum wage law. 

Here are the Top 5 reasons why Studying in Australia is a great idea. If you want to know which university in Australia you can study with your budget, then you can always contact us.

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