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Accountancy or Accounting, one of Australia’s most popular courses, has always been an essential part of the skilled occupations list as recommended by immigration in the country. And most deservedly so, because every single business needs accountancy services and support. Depending on the scale of the business, accounting firms or services can be in-house or their services can be recruited externally from the likes of PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and other specialized accountancy firms.

Australian industries need the professional services of general accountants, management accountants and taxation accountants; accountancy, for these reasons, is a high-demand course amongst the international student population in Australia. Accounting jobs tend to offer competitive remuneration and pay high salaries; which means that if you do decide to settle down long-term in Australia—you will definitely enjoy higher standards of living than the average Australian. Some popular roles that accountancy students function in are working as an external auditor, corporate treasurer, or even as the head of accounts for an organization once they graduate. Accountancy or Accounting courses are often accredited by the CPA.

Average weekly salaries of general accountants can amount up to 1,660 AUD. Students can either choose between studying general accounting or specializing in a sub-stream down their career path if desired. As accounting degrees are accredited by the CPA, students will be eligible for employment in a wide-range of businesses across the globe. Based on the students’ personal requirements, they can complete a course in accounting from a number of elite institutions in Sydney and Melbourne (amongst other regions in Australia).

The primary level of work and academic opportunities available to students in the accounting sector, or as accountancy professionals, will depend on their level of qualification, of which there are three kinds on offer: a diploma, an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) or a postgraduate (Master’s) degree. The admission requirements for these degrees can be found below:

Entry Requirement


Depending on the location that you apply from, you can apply for partner visas either in the offshore category or the onshore category.

Pathways for onshore applicants are as follows:

Bachelor of Accounting:

Master of Accounting:

Career Outcome

Some of the career prospects for graduate of Accounting can include:

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