Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate Visa is a temporary visa for international students that are recent graduates from Australian institutions. You can study, work and reside temporarily in Australia from anywhere between 24 months to 4 years (based on your qualifications or courses taken).

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Following are two streams for this visa:

Graduate Work Stream: If you are studying in Australia, you become eligible for this visa immediately upon graduation.

Duration: Up to 18 months

Post-Study Work Stream: Students who have graduated with a higher education degree from an Australian institution (irrespective of stream of study).

Duration: 2-4 years (based on qualifications)

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Basic Requirements for Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

The 485 visa allows you to bring your immediate family to live with you temporarily in Australia. You can travel, study and work with this visa freely.

For more detailed information, please contact ORE Education. We have migration agents who are qualified and registered to advise and assist you with the same. We will guide you through the process every step of the way in the system, making sure that you are properly supported at each stage.

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