Automotive Engineering

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If your field of interest and fascination is cars or how they work, then an academic degree followed by a professional career in the automotive industry might be the answer.

Currently, the projected growth rate of jobs in the automotive industry is around 3.46%. For interested candidates, starting their career with jobs like automotive electricians, to sports car designers, to motor mechanics—everything that falls under automotive engineering—has a particularly high demand in the sector. Both motor mechanics and

automotive electricians are included in the MLTSSL list—thus making each of them an appropriate pathway to getting Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia.

The automotive and automobile industry is one of the longest-running Australian industries to still exist, and it is one that continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The advanced, state-of-the-art technology used by the industry is evolving and improving on a regular basis as per the demands of its consumers.

Automotive engineering is often associated with the design and production of motor vehicles, along with the improvement of components linked to motor vehicles; be they items such as engines and those associated with aerodynamics. You might be dealing with any vehicle, ranging from civilian motor vehicles to high-end sports and Formula One cars. There could be opportunities to build or design a car from scratch, or to help keep Formula One cars in immaculate shape; or even to design a wide assortment of sports cars. No matter how big your dream is, we at ORE Education are ever so dedicated in your faithful service.

For a comprehensive learning experience, an undergraduate degree in automotive engineering will provide a solid foundation of your knowledge base in the area. You will be able to hone your understanding of basic and complex engineering principles while simultaneously learning the application of those skills to practical, everyday situations. Most degrees in automotive engineering will be delivered in a combination of modes, which often include lectures, seminars, and practical workshop sessions. Many programs are also designed to ask you to complete a placement year or module. You can find the requirements below:

Entry Requirement

Here is the breakdown of academic requirements and degrees in Automotive Engineering:

If you do decide to do a trade course in Automotive Engineering, you will need the following: Here are some of the requirements in securing a student visa before you can start your course in Automotive Engineering:

Career Outcome

Some of the career prospects for graduates of Automotive Engineering can include:

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